Bins and waste collections

Waste and bin collections for Central Bedfordshire

Waste collections on the spring bank holiday - Monday, 28 May

We will collect waste as normal on Monday, 28 May. The only time collections change are around Christmas / New Year. We will advise later in the year of these changes.

Our tidy tips will also be open over the bank holiday weekend, including Monday, 28 May.

About your waste collections

Bins are collected on an alternate weekly basis.

One week we will collect your black lidded rubbish bin, and the following week your recycling and garden waste will be collected.

If you receive a food waste collection, this is collected on a weekly basis.

Putting out rubbish for collection

On collection day:

  • leave bins / garden waste sacks at the boundary of your property by 7am
  • check bins / garden waste sacks don’t obstruct the pavement
  • don't overload bins - garden waste bags have a weight limit of 10kg (see map below); wheelie bins have a weight limit of 85kg (see map below) - bins which are considered too heavy for safe handling and emptying will not be emptied (even if they weigh less than 85kg)
  • take your containers back onto your property once they've been collected

If you put your rubbish out and we don't collect it, you can report a missed bin collection. We explain how to do this and possible reasons for why collection wasn't made e.g. wrong bin out on the wrong day.

Help putting waste out

We will help residents who are unable to move their waste and recycling containers to the normal collection point (highway boundary) themselves and do not have anyone living at the address who is available to assist. Find out about assisted bin collection.

Bins and sacks we use

We provide different bins depending on where you live. These are shown in this image.

Bin collections

Bin collection day

To find out when your waste bins and recycling is collected:

  • select the relevant link from the alphabetical road names list below according to the first letter of your road name
  • next to your road name you will find your waste collection day
  • to find out what week is either the waste or recycling collection please click on the collection week and the appropriate calendar will show
  • if you would like to print the calendar please make sure to select 'print current page' in your print options otherwise the whole document will be printed.

2018 bin collection days

Road name A (PDF 600.1KB)

Road name B (PDF 698.8KB)

Road name C (PDF 983.9KB)

Road name D (PDF 599.2KB)

Road name E (PDF 298.5KB)

Road name F (PDF 447.2KB)

Road name G (PDF 559.3KB)

Road name H (PDF 589KB)

Road name I (PDF 160.3KB)

Road name J (PDF 277.8KB)

Road name K (PDF 226.8KB)

Road name L (PDF 711.9KB)

Road name M (PDF 584KB)

Road name N (PDF 272.1KB)

Road name O (PDF 266.4KB)

Road name P (PDF 576.3KB)

Road name Q (PDF 117.9KB)

Road name R (PDF 396.8KB)

Road name S (PDF 438.5KB)

Road name T (PDF 689KB)

Road name U (PDF 115.9KB)

Road name V (PDF 331.9KB)

Road name W (PDF 671KB)

Road name Y (PDF 133.8KB)

Road name Z (PDF 115.8KB)

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