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Garden waste collections to be paused for the winter in Central Bedfordshire

6 November 2018

Kerbside collections of household garden waste will be paused across Central Bedfordshire over the winter months.

The collections will be suspended from Monday 10 December 2018 until Friday 1 March 2019 inclusive. Residents are encouraged to check their last collection date for their area, which will be either the week commencing Monday 26 November or Monday 3 December.

The decision to stop the kerbside collection service during the quietest time of the year for garden waste was made as part of our financial planning process and comes as a result of government funding cuts. Council Tax alone doesn’t raise enough to cover the services that we provide, and so we're focusing on tailoring services to meet periods of high demand, in this case during the growing season. During the winter season, up to 80% less garden waste was collected in past years, compared to the spring and summer.

During the pause, garden waste can still be recycled at our four tidy tips (or Household Waste Recycling Centres). Residents with enough space in their gardens are encouraged to compost at home. Our scheme to encourage composting offers all Central Bedfordshire residents discounted compost bins and accessories.

Councillor Budge Wells, our Deputy Executive Member for Community Services, said "Although significantly fewer people use the service over the winter months, if we don’t pause the service then the number of collection rounds and the associated cost to taxpayers remains the same as during the peak summer months. We know that the kerbside collection of garden waste is important, but to ensure we can continue to provide this service during times of high demand, we will be pausing the service in this period of low use. After this short break, we will resume the normal fortnightly collection, which is available free of charge to all Central Bedfordshire residents throughout the rest of the year."

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