Apply for housing

Do I qualify for social housing?

Anyone over 16 years old (certain conditions apply when allocating a tenancy to an applicant under the age of 18) and in need of housing can apply for council housing.

You start by making an application to join the Housing Register. You will join a waiting list, but this does not guarantee that you will get a property. We have produced a short video which explains how to make an application.

Some people might not qualify or be eligible to join the Housing Register.

These include:

  • certain people who are subject to immigration control
  • people without a local connection to Central Bedfordshire - to have a local connection applicants must have lived in Central Bedfordshire continuously for the last 3 years, or to be permanently employed in the area for six months
  • people with a history of unacceptable behaviour
  • people who owe debt to the council or to a registered provider
  • people who have not complied with a previous tenancy agreement
  • people who have a household income of more than £30,000 to £50,000 a year (dependent upon household size)
  • people who own their own home

Do I qualify for the Housing Register?

All Housing Register applications are assessed according to the Choice Based Lettings Allocations Scheme.

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