Help to live at home

Lifeline+ service for people aged 55 and over

Lifeline+ is providing an early intervention flexible service to support people aged 55 and above in the south Central Bedfordshire area only.

The aim of this service is to help people to remain living in their own home safely for as long as possible and to provide individuals, relatives and carers with peace of mind.

Large button telephoneAims of Lifeline+

The scheme aims to help a range of people including:

  • those who need to help maintain their quality of life
  • those who need some help and guidance to improve their quality of life and maintain independence

Who can apply for Lifeline+?

You can apply if:

  • you are over 55
  • you own your own property, privately rent or live in council accommodation in the south Central Bedfordshire area

These are some of the problems that you may face which we can help you with.

We can help people who:

  • are being discharged from hospital
  • need to gain access to other services but are not sure where to turn
  • are living with bereavement
  • are living with illness or disability
  • have financial problems or need benefits advice
  • are socially isolated or lonely
  • are lacking confidence
  • lack numeracy or literacy skills
  • need advice on technology or equipment to aid further independence
  • access community services, including occupational therapy, community nursing and social work support
  • who currently have a Lifeline and now wish to have a Supported Housing Officer visit too

There may also be something else that is not mentioned on this list that is stopping you from being as independent as you would like to be. Please get in touch with us - we can talk it through with you and provide you with help and guidance where necessary.

Alarm unitWhere will the support be given?

Support will be given in your home at a time to suit you. The Supported Housing Officer will contact you to arrange appointments.

How will the support be given?

Your needs will be discussed with a Supported Housing Officer who will draw up an agreed support plan with you. Support will continue until the identified issues on the plan have been addressed and you are satisfied. After this period we will continue to monitor your situation in case of any changes in your circumstances.

Lifeline alarm pendantHow much does the service cost?

There is an initial installation cost of £25.80. This charge can be spread over three months as part of the direct debit payment.

The charges for the service will be discussed with you but we are currently offering three different levels of support ranging from £6.20 per week to £10.30 per week.

Can I apply for any Lifeline+ service?

Almost certainly yes, because Lifeline+ will help you to maintain your independence and give you, your family and friends peace of mind to know that whatever problem occurs at home, you can obtain help quickly and easily.Keysafe

So if you live in Central Bedfordshire or the surrounding area, don’t delay - contact us today about the level of service you are interested in.

How to apply for Lifeline+ service

We are always happy to give free in-home demonstrations, without obligation, to anyone interested in the Lifeline service.

You can apply online for this service.

Lifeline referral form >>

Alternatively, please call 0300 300 8146 to arrange a home visit or to obtain more information.

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