Your Council Tax explained

Council Tax for 2017-2018

On 23 February, Full Council (link opens in new window) agreed a budget for 2017-2018. This included spending plans, savings plans and Council Tax.

We consulted on these budget proposals in January 2017 and, in response to the feedback (link opens in new window), Full Council agreed a smaller increase in Council Tax than originally proposed.

The budget includes:

  • ways to reduce spending by £15.2 million
  • application of the Adult Social Care precept - an increase in Council Tax of 3% to contribute towards funding for care service
  • increase of Council Tax by 1.5% to contribute towards funding of other services (originally 1.75%)

What does this mean for you this year?

The application of the Adult Social Care precept (3%) means weekly increase of 78 pence for an average household (Band D). This, combined with the proposed 1.5% increase in Council Tax, results in a total weekly increase of £1.19 for an average household (Band D).

The receipt below shows what a weekly bill for Central Bedfordshire Council services looks like for an average household (Band D) - if you want to check how much you will pay, you can download Council Tax charges for 2017-2018 (PDF 82.1KB) .

Council Tax receipt

Where your Council Tax goes

The Council Tax you pay to Central Bedfordshire Council also funds Police and Fire and Rescue services and your local Town or Parish Council services (PDF 95.9KB) . The image below shows how it is shared out, based on the rate paid by an average household (Band D) in Ampthill.

Where your Council Tax goes

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